Substance Identity
CAS Number 25322-68-3
Chemical Name Poly(oxy-1,2-ethanediyl), α-hydro-ω-hydroxy-
Type of substance Polymer
Moiety of concern polymer
Categorization Results

Meets Government of Canada Categorization Criteria? Yes
Meets Human Health Categorization Criteria? Yes
Meets Environmental Criteria for Categorization? No
Persistent (P)? Yes
Bioaccumulative (B)? No
Inherently Toxic to Aquatic Organisms (iT)? No
Rational for iT Experiment
DSL Quantity range (tonnes/year) >1000T

Ecological data supporting decisions

Underlying data regarding persistence

Media of concern leading to Categorization Not Applicable
Experimental Biodegradation half-life (days) Not Available
Experimental Biodegradation result (%) 10
Comment (persistency) 4.2-19.9%COD; 2.5-10%BOD

Underlying data regarding Bioaccumulation

Underlying data regarding inherent toxicity to aquatic organisms

Pivotal value for iT (mg/l) > 1000
Experimental result iT (mg/l) > 1000
Test species iT (Latin) Salmo salar
Test species iT (Common) Atlantic salmon
Final EndPoint iT LC50
Exposure duration iT (hours) 96
Comment iT HC GPE; The methods used in this study are referenced to prior work by the same author which explains why some of the information (controls, organisms/replicate) is not explicitly stated in the paper itself. The related previous work is therefore reviewed together. Group: Poly(oxy-1,2-ethanediyl), a-hydro-?-hydroxy- [25322-68-3]
Reference iT Wildish, D.J. Arrestant Effect of Polyoxyethylene Esters on Swimming in the Winter Flounder. Water Res. 8(8):579-583, 1974
Robust Study Summary iT

Human Health data supporting decisions
Underlying data regarding potential for exposure

LPE/IPE/GPE Greatest Potential for Exposure (HC Simple Exposure Tool)

Underlying data regarding Previous Assessments

Underlying data regarding Simple Hazard Assessment

Underlying data regarding Complex Hazard Assessment