Substance Identity
CAS Number 62-73-7
Chemical Name Phosphoric acid, 2,2-dichloroethenyl dimethyl ester
Type of substance Organic
Moiety of concern organic
Categorization Results

Meets Government of Canada Categorization Criteria? No
Meets Human Health Categorization Criteria? No
Meets Environmental Criteria for Categorization? No
Persistent (P)? No
Rational for P QSAR
Bioaccumulative (B)? No
Rational for B Experiment
Inherently Toxic to Aquatic Organisms (iT)? Yes
Rational for iT Experiment
DSL Quantity range (tonnes/year) 0 to 1T

Ecological data supporting decisions

Underlying data regarding persistence

Media of concern leading to Categorization Air-Water
Experimental Biodegradation half-life (days) Not Available
Predicted Ultimate degradation half-life (days) 37.5
MITI probability of biodegradation 0.0192
TOPKAT probability of biodegradation 0
EPI Predicted Ozone reaction half-life (days) 320.2
EPI Predicted Atmospheric Oxidation half-life (days) 1.137

Underlying data regarding Bioaccumulation

Empirical Log Kow 1.47
Reference (Log Kow) KAWAMOTO,K&URANO,K 1989
Log Kow predicted by KowWin 0.6
Log BAF T2MTL predicted by Gobas 0.0778857051961296
Log BCF 5% T2LTL predicted by Gobas 0.0793055543641416
Log BCF Max predicted by OASIS 1.16027354980178
Log BCF predicted by BCFWIN -0.348
Experimental BCF (log) -0.3
Reason for pivotal value Only Vertebrate BCF
Test species BCF/BAF (Latin) Cyprinus carpio
Test species BCF/BAF (Common) Common carp
Mean water concentration (ug/l) 1
Mean water concentration (comment) Below water solubility by a factor of 5
Water concentration: Measured/Nominal/Uncertain Measured
RadioLabel No
Exposure duration (days) 7
Exposure duration (comment) Sufficient exposure duration for 80% steady state
Exposure type Flow-through
Mean temperature (deg. Celcius) 23
Exposure route Water (but fed)
Exposure media Fresh Water
Tissue analysed Whole body
Reference (BAF/BCF) Tsuda, T., S. Aoki, M. Kojima, and T. Fujita. 1993. Accumulation and Excretion of Organophosphorous Pesticides by Carp Cyprinus carpio. Comp.Biochem.Physiol.C 104(2):275-278

Underlying data regarding inherent toxicity to aquatic organisms

Pivotal value for iT (mg/l) 6e-005
Experimental result iT (mg/l) 0.00006
Exposure duration iT (hours) 24
Robust Study Summary iT
Toxicity to fish (LC50 in mg/l) as predicted by Ecosar v0.99g 187.65
Toxicity to fish (LC50 in mg/l) as predicted by Oasis Forecast M v1.10 9,623.3369
Toxicity to fish (LC50 in mg/l) as predicted by PNN 2.57134
Toxicity to fish, daphnia, algae or mysid shrimp (EC50 or LC50 in mg/l) as predicted by Ecosar v0.99g 3,298.744
Toxicity to fish (LC50 in mg/l) as predicted by Neutral Organics QSAR in Ecosar v0.99g 3.39E+001

Human Health data supporting decisions
Underlying data regarding potential for exposure

LPE/IPE/GPE Lowest Potential for Exposure (HC Simple Exposure Tool)

Underlying data regarding Previous Assessments

Underlying data regarding Simple Hazard Assessment

IARC Carcinogenicity - Group 2B
USEPA 1986 Carcinogenicity - Groups B1 and B2

Underlying data regarding Complex Hazard Assessment